Thursday, January 25, 2007

Traveling North

As if it isn't going to be cold enough here, we're driving somewhere tomorrow even colder. As in a day-time high tomorrow of 2 degrees. That's the high.

My mother called me worrying that I wouldn't dress the kids warmly enough. Now I know she thinks I am truly incompetent. Because I was thinking of having them run around outside in their bathing suits. Wet.

So we're off to snow country to actually have the kids see some white stuff associated with winter. None of us ski so we were planning to ride in a, yes, one horse open sleigh but it may be too cold for that. Not worth experiencing Jingle Bells if it means losing a nose. This could be a good hang-around-the-resort-kind of weekend. By the pool.

Don't worry. It is indoors.


chelle said...

Being from Canada, I am all for appreciating the cold, wet, snow from indoors! Enjoy the time away and stay warm!

Kate said...

Enjoy your time away!! And I haven't forgotten my promise to you for the web banner - I've just been knee-deep in work, but things will slow back down in a couple weeks. I have ideas, so I haven't forgotten! Sorry it's taking so long!

Jenn said...

I miss snow.

Hope there was lots there.