Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another example of bad parenting

I'm the first person to admit I don't deserve any parenting awards. I try not to damage my children too much but know I've made mistakes along the way.

However, there is one group of parents that I cannot, cannot stand. These are the folks that take their children's activities so seriously they resort to violence.

Several years ago one hockey dad beat another hockey dad to death. Last month it was reported that a hockey dad punched and kicked a 10-year-old kid for accidentally hitting his son with a glove. The kid apparently apologized but words were still exchanged between the kids. That's when the dad jumped in and beat up this other kid.

Let me repeat myself.

That is when the dad jumped in and beat up this other kid.

I'm completely at a loss to understand parents who have so little self-control that they feel they need to hit another person. I do not get these parents who are so wrapped up in their kids' activities that a loss or missed opportunity is somehow a reflection of the adult's skills or identity.

Having just shelled out nearly $50 per each boy for new soccer gear, I can understand that feeling of I-bought-it-for-you-now-use-it. But that is the only understanding I'll offer. If a parent cannot separate his/her child's successes or defeats from his/her own then they either need therapy or to stop attending all games and practices. Or let the kid quit and take up crochet.

When I last checked that wasn't competitive.

Another friend of mine, Jenn at Nuren Xintan (which roughly means Heart to Heart Talk), has submitted her responses to my questions. While you are visiting, look at her daily photos from her life in China. Her images are just stunning. I start my day checking out what latest gem she has shared with the world. Maybe you can too.
Check back tomorrow for a special Friday post to see who else is answering questions from me.


Alex Elliot said...

I don't get those parents either. I have to say it makes me not look forward to when my sons get into sports. Do you think those parental contracts work?

jenn in holland said...

First of all, thanks for the heads up to the new interview. It was great! Loved the questions once again.

And second, of course I agree wholeheartedly with your shock and outrage about parents who do this kind of thing. Your point about parents being too wrapped up in a childs sports activities is well put. I think parents do that a lot actually, get wrapped up in thinking they are living through the child to the point that everything a kid does is somehow a reflection on the parent as a person. Kids need the space to be themselves, not the dream walkers of a path parents didn't take.

Gunfighter said...

In about 20 minutes, soccer girl and I are headed out to the first game iof the season.

I am one of the coaches for her team, and I can tell crazy sports parent stories!