Monday, April 23, 2007

Gee... me?

I've been secretly admiring (alright, coveting) the Thinking Bloggers that everyone else seems to have. And then, one of the most thoughtful bloggers out there (seriously, he has three of these) has bestowed one upon me.

So, this is actually a double honor. A Thinking Blogger from Gunfighter.

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Thank you for associating a thought with this blog.

Now, my job is to thoughtfully bestow this honor to the blogs I admire. Some of my favorites already have one (or more than three) so you'll have to just know in your hearts or via telepathy that I admire you.

Nuren Xintan - it means Heart to Heart Talk in Mandarin and perfectly captures both Jenn's photography, writing and research. She is a Fulbright Scholar based in Nanjing. She is interviewing women about their work. Or as she writes: “how rapid economic development and reemerging traditional cultural beliefs are currently affecting women’s work.” But I'm addicted to her photography. She has images that have stayed with me. She has an incredible eye and composes photographs just beautifully. Plus, she doesn't edit her images. Which makes her even more incredible.

Something to say; about life in the Netherlands - [I'm cheating here and using parts of a previous write-up] Jenn lives the ex-pat life in Holland with her husband and three children and sees life from the glass is really full perspective. Jenn is truly one of the kindest and most pleasant people I've met, ever - in person or via the Internet. I don't mean that as an insult and her concern about people's perceptions of her life has stayed with me for days. I take it as a challenge to be a tad less bitter.

Jodifur - While she masquerades as the classic "mommy" blog, Jodi is actually a firecracker and techno wiz. Her site has inspired me to be a better blogger (which means I'm still pitiful - don't blame her for my site). She also works an incredibly difficult job which makes her humor, love of wine, and joy in parenting all the sweeter.

The Ambassador Returns - Aside from being funny, talented and really, really smart, Ken is living in New Orleans. It is a great American city that deserves and needs to be rebuilt. If the US could rebuild Europe under the Marshall Plan after WWII and is rebuilding (snort) Iraq now, then we should be able to rebuild New Orleans. Ken writes about that, about being an HIV+ gay man and what it all means today.

Following Lingling as she gives lymphoma a beatdown - this is a nomination that doesn't expect any effort on the recipients' part. I have been amazed at the poetry describing exhaustion, the honest descriptions of fear and what if. This is blog that celebrates life while honestly chronicling treatment, recovery and hope.

So if you haven't visited these folks, click on over. They make me think and hopefully you will too. Plus, see who makes the top four think. And just show Leeanne and Daniel some love.


Jenn said...

Oh, I don't know what to say except thank you for always promoting my blog and my photos.

It means a lot.


jenn in holland said...

I appreciate you including me in this list. To be on anyone's list at all is rather humbling, and to be included with the folks you nominated here (and the ones I know you nominated in your heart) is incredibly meaningful.
I have said it before, and will continue to say it: You are amazing, and I appreciate you!

david santos said...

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soccer mom in denial said...

Jenn in China - you are my blogging mentor. The reason I am even in this space it because of you. Plus, I wish I took photos that were half as good as your.

Jenn in Holland - In your short time you have found such interesting projects. I've shamlessly ridden your coat tails of exploration.

DS - Well hello there sir! You've got quite a following on your blog. Thank you for the reminder that 25 April is the anniversary of Portugese liberation. I visited Portugal in 1994 and loved every minute.

Jodi said...

I am so honored and touched by this, you have no idea. I'm going to post mine tomorrow.

Kate said...

Congrats! Sorry I've been so out of blogging lately. I need to catch up. :)

Ambassador said...

Eep! Now the pressure's on...

SMID, thank you for the nod, and I hope I can live up to your expectations! Love, your Ambassador

Gunfighter said...

Aww shucks, ma'am!