Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Yorker covers

I've been teased for trying to explain the weekly New Yorker covers to my kids. Problem is, they see something and want to understand it. And will nag you until they understand it.

Recently, one of my sons told me that a kindergarten classmate plans to join the Army when he grows up so he can fight in the war. "I sure hope the war is over by the time you two are grown ups" I commented.

It is with that backdrop that this New Yorker cover (above) was particularly tough.

I explained to the boys that our country has a duty to help those who are in the military, especially those who are hurt. Regardless of how we feel about the war, we owe it to them to take care of them. I told my 6 1/2-year-olds about the recent controversies surrounding Walter Reed Medical Center (and yes, the link is to a "fake" news broadcast because Stewart's outrage just captures the gross, horrid absurdity. This administration is for the troops - my a**).

The son with the future soldier as a classmate was quiet for a while then said,

"I hope they fix the army hospital so it can take good care of my friend."

"Honey, I hope that if your friend goes to war, he doesn't get hurt and need that hospital."


chelle said...

I have a blog friend that is a huge advocate of the medical centre ... it seems so sad the turn of events as of late. They even sent back some of the Christmas cards she sent to soldiers ...

cce said...

Sometimes being well informed (i.e., listening to NPR or having The New Yorker laying around can lead to some pretty interesting conversations with the kids. See
Sometimes I feel like I'm having a genuine Talmudic conversation with my five year old...the meaning of life, death, war and peace. It's good their learning to think critically early on.

Mommy of Three Crazies said...

I found your link through a comment you posted on jodifur's page. I hope you don't mind that I popped in here to read your blog!

Have a good weekend!


Summer said...

Its tough trying to explain things like that to children.Rightnow we're battling the good guys/bad guys idea but there are so many grey areas its hard to say it in a way a young child can understand.

soccer mom in denial said...

Wow! The ever wonderful Chelle and a whole new crowd. Welcome to my small part of the world.

Chelle - just hang in there! You are almost at the finish line. Sorry to hear about your friend's cards. That is awful.

CCE - "genuine Talmudic conversation" - you get today's giggle award!

Mo3C - it is so nice to find someone else in the 3-kids club. We are nuts aren't we?

Summer - is that your name? If so how lovely! If not, it is a wonderul adopted name. Your Phelps family piece is very, very thoughtful. Of course, hopefully you saw in my bio I am an out fag... hag.

Gunfighter said...

"...This administration is for the troops - my a**).

Indeed, my friend, indeed.


Leah said...

Your son is a thoughtful, sensitive soul.

My husband got out the ARMY in 1999. He is with me and safe, but my heart lurches with every report. I just want them to come home and then when they are home have the best of care.

Kate said...

Great observation. You are having an important conversation with your son, and you are so right. The administration is NOT for the troops.

Jenn in Holland said...

This is a tender hot spot isn't it? Teaching kids about the REAL world and it's sometimes ugliness. I never wanted my kids to hear or see of know any of it, but it's inevitable and teaching them openly and honestly like you are doing is a good thing. A very good thing.