Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Dan Wasserman can do no wrong.


Flower Child said...

I'm now addicted to CSPAN. It's like theater.

Jodi said...

love it!!!!

Gunfighter said...

No kidding... the frickin' Attorney General had to forgo his vacation to prep for his upcoming Congressional testimony.

What a shame. This man, the senior law enforcement official in the country, is perepping in order to tell half-truiths and to obfuscate.

Can you imagine what would happen if I were going to testify in a criminal case as the arresting officer?

"your honor, I'll testify about my involvement in the case and the arrest, but not under oath... nor will I testify if there is a court reporter... or any cameras... or witnesses to the contrary"

How long do you think I could continue to serve in my capacity.

Lying bastards.

For shame!