Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I am indeed lucky.

I've gotten back from a late night (well, late for me) with a group of people who are wonderful. Some are folks I've known since they were babies (really) and some I've known less than a year. Some are older (but cooler) than me and some were born in (gulp) the mid 1980's. But all were people who either I have cared about deeply or wanted to get to know and got to over a few hours in a bar.

And then, there is a friend of 15 years who I would like you all to read, bookmark, and basically bring into your lives. I'm big on sharing friends. I am thrilled when people I know hit it off and have friendships independent of me. Really. So bond with each other.

The Ambassador was the first to ask for interview questions. Please read what I asked him and how he responded. Then he went on to post again in the same day about how we met. He forgot to mention the day care center named after the adult movie star or the medal we saw for that star's, err, acting prowess. The Ambassador hasn't written in nearly a year and now writes two posts in one day.

But please, add his blog to your list. His is a story we need to follow. New Orleans is a city we all need to care about. I love my Ambassador. I think you will too.


jenn in holland said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
That was TOTALLY WORTH the side stop in my reading today. I will definitely be returning to see what else he has to say in the coming days!
Those were great questions you asked and his answers were delighful. Oh, and I LOVED the story about your meeting 15 years ago. That is a day worth remembering and a friendship worth celebrating. Congrats!

Ambassador said...

Soccer Mom -

Thank you for the kick in the pants that I soooo needed to get blogging again. Oh, and I reset the Comments so anyone can. All this is still new to me again!

I love you! Your Ambassador

tiffany said...

i will so check this out!

thanks for the tip!

Brillig said...

A dar care center named after an adult film star? Oh. My. How hilarious!

Glad you had a good time with friends. I have found that "soccer moms" don't get out a whole lot sometimes, so I'm sure that every outting is cherished!

Gunfighter said...

You see that, SMID? I found your pal BEFORE you suggested it.

I soo rock!

and hello to you, Brillig! Imagine me finding your slithey toves here. I suppse you have gyre and gimble in the wabe lurking about, eh?