Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who ARE you people?

O.k. Fess up.

I have a solid group of regular commenters. Some of you have even started off-line, or off-blog, conversations with me. I am very lucky to count each of you as an ally in life.

But then, there is the rest of you. Some days 40 or 50 more of you. Who are you?

Why do I know you are here person reading in Golden, Colorado or you in Athens (Greece, not Georgia) or even you in Kolonnowa, Sri Lanka? Because I've installed Google Analytics which shows maps of where you are from, how often you visit my site, and what pages you visit. Don't panic, I don't know who you are - that is why I'm asking.

But the funniest part is how you all are finding me. Google Analytics shows the blogs you come from (and a big thank you to all who include me in your lists) and the keywords you enter that lead you to here. The following are just a few of the phrases entered into Google search and this blog came up:

  • how to dress like a "soccer mom" (I hoped you figured out this wasn't the site for that because I don't want to be known as a soccer mom nor do I have any sense of style worth emulating)
  • my 6 year old is suddenly misbehaving (suddenly? yours only just STARTED? Please tell me your secret!)
  • backyardigans "pink thing" (I couldn't agree more. I love Uniqua but what is she?)
  • fool singing (yes, I know. Thank you)
  • boy j*^king off to mom (What? WHAT!?!? GROSS! YOU EVEN THINK THAT??)

There was something even more disgusting which I won't describe. Whoever you were, I hope you get some therapy. Seriously.

So who are you? Just reply once. I promise I won't bother you. Unless you invite me over to your cyber-playspace. Which would be lovely.


Jodi said...

okay, so you totally know I am here.

But, you notice that whenever one of us installs the software we start asking questions. Part of me thinks site tracking software should be banned. Like only 18 people came by Jodifur today, when normally I get 100s. Explain that to me.

How did I make this about me?

Alex Elliot said...

Your response to the last search words cracked me up! I use Last week someone found me by using the search words "how to get my preschooler to listen and follow directions." And my blog was listed by google because why?

Jenn said...

Chris always bursts my bubble.

The other day I was like,

"SWEET! Someone from Sweden is checking my blog!"

And he replied,

"It's probably a spammer."

But I like to think there are some real people lurking. I hope.

Jenn in Holland said...

This is hilarious because just before I bounced over here I was looking at MY STATS site and wondering the same thing.

Who are you and what are you thinking?

I am with Jenn and I like to believe all of those visits are readers and not spammers, but I don't really understand how that all works.

I just like it so much when someone stops by to say something. Like Jodifur said in her post yesterday "you like me, you really like me" is generally the thought behind the smile when I see comments under my posting.

mjd said...

Hello, this is my first visit, honest. I saw that you won a Thinking Award over at Jenn in Holland. She is right; your award is well deserved. This post is hilarious.

Kerri said...

Great post! I’m actually working on a project with Scholastic – – to raise awareness about a soccer tournament as well as to introduce parents to Maya & Miguel, a multicultural animated TV series on PBSKids. Here’s a link to the learn more about the show –

Even if you’re not actively involved in the US Soccer League in , I hope you and the family will visit the Maya & Miguel “Kick It” booth when it comes near your city. Here’s some information on the soccer event -

If you do blog about the soccer event or the Maya & Miguel show, please make it clear how you learned about the event or show. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

Many thanks,

Todd Tweedy, BoldMouth

maggie said...

Isn't Google Analytics great. I like going in once in awhile and looking at my stats too.

Leah said...

You "know" me already - but I thought the post was very funny. I am also slightly obessed with who the "others" are. I just hope they are not like that creepy old lady/child in the movie trailer for the nicole kidman flick.

Brillig said...

Hi. Dangitall, I thought I was hiding.

Haha. Okay, fine. You "know" me. But your post was hilarious. And I've many times thought the same thing as I've gone through my google analytics.

Ron Davison said...

The odd thing about the search engine terms that bring people to our blog is that it's a bit like mind reading. I still feel a bit depressed about the fact that my blog came to the top of some poor soul's search: 98.9% of what I do is motivated by spite and porn.

Mayberry said...

Hiya -- dropped by during the blog exchange. Loved your Peace posters and James Joyce Ramble photo!

Bethany said...

ok, you don't know me, but I did stumble upon your blog. I was searching for this Maya and Miguel thingy with scholastic, and your blog came up in my search. I guess she left it on yours too. So, that's why I was on your site.

And, after reading your entry, I figured I'd leave a comment. I too have my own blog, and wonder where some of the "hits" come from. Have a good day!

Amy Barry said...

I am Amy, 35, mom of 1 (so far) boy who is 3 1/2, Erasure fan (as well as many other 80's bands) and live near Sisters, OR and work as a Planner for the City of Bend. Enjoying your blog immensely. Thanks!