Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Look of horror

When did 4-year-olds have such loud opinions?

I'm happily making the switch from cold-weather clothes to those lovely, light, airy summer outfits. Linens, colorful cottons and sandals are coming down from the attic into the closet (or rather the bottom of the attic stairs which doubles as Amazing Guy and my shared closet. THAT is a true test of a marriage).

So I came downstairs ready for work in tan linen pants and a boxy linen black short sleeve shirt. I particularly like this shirt because the round buttons are huge. Little lady was laying on the couch after agonizing that the "perfect" dress which makes her look like a princess was in the dirty clothes. The "perfect" dress she tries to wear every single day.

"Pbbthb [an approximation of the noise that came out of her mouth]. You are wearing THAT?" she asked incredulously with a look of sheer horror on her face.

I would like to point out, again, that my daughter is 4 years old.

Not 14.

"What?" I defensively reply. "You don't like this shirt? You think it is too square?"

Wait a minute, I think. I'm defending my clothes to a 4 year old.

I can only imagine when she is 14.


cathouse teri said...

Apparently, she wants you to dress like a princess.

Goofball said...


CableGirl said...

Ok, #1) you SHARE a closet? Wow, I think CableDad and I would have split by now if I had to sharer my closet with that disorganized nightmare of a man. lmao

#2) Really? It starts that early? I was hoping that MJ's decision to pick out all of her own clothing at 1 1/2 years was not a sign of things to come... at least not so young.

I love how you had to stop yourself and realize you were defending your wardrobe choices to a 4 year old. Can't wait to hear how this progresses. lol

soccer mom in denial said...

Cablegirl -

And in our house, it is Amazing Guy that deserves all the credit for sharing with the supremely disorganized me. So when I wrote test I meant that it is an insanely tough test of his love, patience and mental health to have to share an entire house with me, never mind the attic stairs/closet.

Alex Elliot said...

Ha ha! I know I shouldn't laugh.

Ms Picket To You said...

my eight year old daughter gives me the whole once over whenever i leave the house. as in, really, mom? really? that's what you think looks good?

and i'm all, yeah, yeah; this is what all the cool moms are wearing.

and then i go upstairs and change my clothes.

Heather said...


Jami said...

Silly Mommy - you can't twirl in linen pants! Well, you can but nothing happens when you do except you get a little dizzy.

So, yeah - wait until she's 14 or so. I am SO looking forward to mine getting there in anther 7 years. Not.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I am more laughing that you used the term "square."

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I can only imagine when she is 14.

Oh. No. You can't.

Bet Jenn will verify this - Emma's close enough in age. ;-)

... Jen exits giggling hysterically...

soccer mom in denial said...


Did you notice I described the shirt as "boxy"? I meant the literally shape, not the 1960's term for cool or hip.

painted maypole said...


i'm sure you looked lovely and funky. just not like a princess with a squirrely, I mean twirly, skirt

Anonymous said...

I used to stress over what to wear on dates until one girlfriend told me: "wear black, and I'll look beautiful." I was thrilled on two counts. 1) for the effort she put into looking her best, and 2) that my fashion choices were suddenly boiled down to simply getting dressed.

Being a man is so much easier, something for which I'm grateful. I feel for all you women.

Brillig said...

And yet, she wants to wear the same outfit every day... Hahaha. That's so cute!