Thursday, June 19, 2008

Real fans....

Real fans don't need to change the color of their blogs.

Real fans get their dad and brother on a conference call at 12 midnight and collectively weep as the NBA trophy is handed to the Celtics and collectively gasp as the series MVP is awarded to Paul Pierce. And weep some more.

Real fans go to the parade despite seeing police with riot gear and HUGE wooden sticks (what happened to little billy clubs?). And bring two seven year olds for their first ever championship "rolling rally" aka parade.

Coach "Doc" Rivers.

Real fans coach little kids in the game they love.

Real fans repeatedly point out during the game to their basketball playing sons "See! SEE! Even the pros pass the ball around A LOT and they win championships doing it! SEE! Doesn't my coaching make sense NOW!!!" as they roll their eyes.

Real fans overlook the brazen disregard of public health when seeing every single player in the rolling rally aka parade smoking a cigar on the duck boats taking them through the streets of our fair city. It is a clear tribute to the late, great Red Auerbach, who smoked cigars in the old Garden.

Real fans know they are real.

We don't have to prove it.


Goofball said...

seems like there was a cool party in Boston! congratulations to the Celtics.

CableGirl said...

Yeah, Boston sure as hell knows how to throw a city wide party. *sigh*

And nice dig on Jenn there... real fans don't change the color of their blogs. lol

soccer mom in denial said...

Actually it wasn't meant to be a dig at any particular blog or its new color scheme.


The entire post was directed at certain commenters (one Yankee fan in particular) who were a tad silly during a post earlier this week.

Jenn in Holland said...

I'm thinking there is an awful lot of green on this blog post today... so in a way, it's like you changed it after all. hehe.

And, hmmm... I take it from CG's comment up there that she is not a fan of orange? Seriously, what's up with that?

(Quarter finals tomorrow night, by the way!)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

LOL, SMID - Sounds like you're having a great party!

Anonymous said...

So... what's wrong with being a Yankee fan, my friend?????

Jami said...

I have to agree with Jenn - it looks green enough to me.

soccer mom in denial said...

Jenn - you know I love you and think you are perfect. Even in your choice of blog colors.

Jen - yup, we here have alot of experience with these parties. Not to brag or anything.

Gunfighter - hello there! Nope not you. A certain Flower Child.

Jami - yup - through the power of photography my site was quite green.

Flower Child said...

what's wrong with Green? it's a pretty color. though maybe not as pretty as Orange.

chelle said...

Hey one needs to celebrate! I loved this post!