Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too Darn Hot

On Tuesday I saw something in my car I never thought I would see.

[Be impressed - I finally figured out how to get a cell phone photo on my blog!]

Everybody get your Cole Porter on....

According to the Kinsey report
ev'ry average man you know
much prefers to play his favorite sport
when the temperature is low
but when the thermometer goes way up
and the weather is sizzling hot
Mister Adam for his madam is not
cause it's too too
it's too darn hot, it's too darn hot
It's too too too too darn hot

Cole Porter from Kiss Me Kate (1946)


the dragonfly said...


Too hot.

Flower Child said...

I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the temp or that you got the photo off your phone and onto your blog. I have no idea how to do that!

Goofball said...

105° sure looks painfully hot to a Belgian even when it says F behind it.

Here maxi 16°C today :(....just saw in another blog how cold it is in Seattle (14°C). You must live in the lucky part of the world though!

CableGirl said...

I feel your pain. Heat waves suck.

Jami said...

Congrats on the photo!

I know the folks from up in your part of the world can't handle it, but you've been down on the third coast in the summer - you know that there are lots of days in July and August here when the humidity and the temperature are BOTH over 100!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Fabulous take on "Too Darn Hot"! There was a great dance number performed to that on So You Think You Can Dance last night.

Heather said...

That does seem a bit warm.

cathouse teri said...

Yeah, we're sort of half melted here.

painted maypole said...

ack. when i lived in the desert we had those temps every day for months. not fun at all

Jenn in Holland said...

Love Cole Porter.
Love Kiss Me Kate.
Love the closing of the cell phone photo posting gap.

Hate the heat.