Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Na na na na

Did you hear the Boston Garden during Game 6? Not those wimpy "how do I look?" fakes in the other side of the country. No, this is how fans should sound. Really loud.

And singing songs like this:

Na na na na,
na na na na,
hey hey hey,

with a full 5 minutes left in the game.

Oh yeah!

Celtics. The 2008 NBA Champions. 22 years since the last one. How wicked awesome are they?

They Beat LA.

*According to Wikipedia "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye was a song written and recorded by Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer, and Paul Leka; attributed to a then fictitious band "Steam," it was released under the Mercury subsidiary label Fontana." - see, I can even do research while my team is winning the National Basketball League's chamionship.


Flower Child said...

A REAL fan would turn her blog GREEN. Congrats!

Jami said...

FC beat me to it! After all, Jenn made her blog orange just because her (current) crush team is playing!

Congrats to the Celts!! Although I'm sure they wouldn't have made it without your help.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wicked awesome, indeed!!!

Jenn in Holland said...

I think a real fan would indeed turn her blog green! Flower Child is really onto something here... and with Jami seconding the move, really how can you resist? Hmmmm??

Na, na, na, na,
Na, na, na, na,
Hey, hey, hey! Goodbye!

Ms Picket To You said...


Jami said...

Well, it's been almost a WHOLE DAY since I was here last and I am disappointed to see that your blog pages STILL AREN'T GREEN! Some fan.

(Yeah, all us parents have the itinerary down pat for the guilt trip.)