Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Giving back his medals Part II

Several of you asked what the boys thought the appropriate punishment should be for a certain swimmer caught smoking pot. This was the rest of the conversation in the car Monday evening....

One boy declared with some disgust, "Y'know Barry Bonds isn't in jail for using steroids."

"He wouldn't tell the truth about it" said the other one knowingly (I mean how do these kids know this?).


The knowing one adds, "But no one would let him play on their team. He's not playing any baseball now".

I finally weigh in with "Don't you think that is a pretty big punishment? To not play the sport you love and have people not like you?"

"Ooooooo......" they both murmered.

Seems like that would be a pretty big punishment to some 8-year-olds.


Heather said...

They are sweet boys you have. And smart too.

Kate said...

LOL... BIG deal Huge. Your kids are funny.