Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Carnival Time

It is Carnival today! Mardi Gras in the great city of New Orleans.

And how am I spending it today? I'm bringing King Cakes, beads and music to both boys' 2nd grade classrooms and reading Mimi's First Mardi Gras. Little lady is coming along in a princess costume and her fancy black dress up shoes. It has been a family tradition since pre-school.

So do something a little different today. Listen to some Mardi Gras music, dance a little on the sidewalk, wear something a bit outlandish. Get a little Mardi Gras in you today.

Laissez-les bon temps rollez!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

The big Mardi Gras thing in MI is to get paczki, which we skip because they are ... cough, cough, over 2000 calories PER donut and something like 100 grams of fat!????

I'll take king cake any day. C and I were lucky enough to be in New Orleans for the days leading up to Mardi Gras (Fri/Sat/Sun) and we had a blast with the parades and all the fun.

Throw me somethin', Missus!

Goofball said...

yes it's carnaval everywhere!