Thursday, February 05, 2009

John and Stephen have competition

Pretty much every evening I watch recordings of The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I just love the humor, news and interviews.

However, the boys got some competition now. From some girls.

Some fierce, over-the-top you better be ready for us GIRLS.

I'm talking about a drag race.

That's right, nine drag queens competing to be on a magazine cover, in an advertisement and win cash. And maybe lots of make-up since MAC is everywhere on the show.

Normally I cannot STAND these shows. I don't watch anything to do with idols, celestial dancers or any other competition or reality show. Really. I just cringe seeing clips from those shows. Everyone is so mean-spirited, insincere, talentless or all three. I don't see these shows as bringing out the best in us, bringing us together. I see them as glorified freak shows. Where we can sit and judge others and mock their embarrassment. I just hate that my kids' friends are avid watchers of a certain show looking for someone to idolize.

But when I saw that there was a show - pant-pant - hosted by RuPaul ("You better work!") I just knew I finally found a competition for me. Because these gals get it. They get the stupidity, the vanity and the silliness. It is a part of their performances. Snap-snap-snap.

The first episode? The contestants had to create outfits entirely from thrift-store clothes and dollar store accessories. Oh the drama. Oh the cutting. Oh the unraveling of loofah sponges into a frock dress.

I am in fag hag heaven.


Jami said...

When I saw the promos for this show, I think I did the Extreme Eye Roll of Negation with over-the-top overtones of Avoidance of Exploitation. Needless to say, we did not watch. However, maybe I'll give it a look-see now, since I KNOW you have impeccable taste!

Flower Child said...

I'm so going to find this and Tivo it. "High heels and a dream".

love it!