Monday, February 16, 2009

Open Letter Week - Amazing Guy

This week I'm going to post an open letter a day. Feel free to write your own and let me know about it.

Dear Amazing Guy,

For over a month you have been been planning a date. You didn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing. You told me to line up babysitting (something you just won't do I would like to note) so that someone would pick up the kids from their various aftercare locations and stay though until midnight. That ended up involving two shifts but it all came together quite nicely. The kids were with people who cared about them and that made the night even more fun.

Because my early Valentine's Day date was to see The English Beat in concert at a wicked cool venue. There wasn't one bad place to stand. And you included one of my best friends to be part of the evening. That you wanted to share the concert with her made it even more fun.

Then we added some other friends along the way. Even more fun.

We spent an evening with friends, dancing to incredibly fun music and enjoying each other. You gave us a Valentine's Day to remember.

But the most fun of all? Was being with you. Thank you for being my valentine.


Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial

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Jenn in Holland said...

Ah, what a wonderful surprise! Lovely letter, lovely man, lovely post.

Ambassador said...

AG gets points for style -say, if you are in NOLA this Wednesday, we are heading to Bayona for celebrate a certain day. I bet it won't be quite as well planned as yours...

Miss you - glad that AG makes moments like this so fabulous! Hugs - K