Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday darling

Dear Daughter,

You light up a room when you walk into it. Children and adults are drawn to you, in part by your Botticelli curls and in part by your personality.

Last year as a girl turning 4 you didn't notice them. This year you look over your shoulder as you pass people to see if they have noticed. While I long for that little kid oblivion, as you turn 5 it would be inevitable that you would figure out your effect on people.

But what I am grateful for is that you seem to use this power for good.

You are in a big pre-school class. It is no secret that most of the students just invite every single classmate for birthday parties. I'm in no mood to have 22 classmates plus other non-school friends and your brothers in our house for a birthday party. I asked your teachers for help in who you really play with to winnow down the list. Years ago when I asked similar questions for your brothers I would get a few names and that was it.

It took your teachers a few days to get back to me and when the lead teacher did, she sheepishly told me they couldn't pare down the list.

"She plays with everyone. It doesn't matter who it is. She decides she wants to do a certain activity and whoever wants to join her is welcomed. If she ends up alone, that is fine. If she ends up with everyone, that is fine too."

The teacher reminded me of how you talked about a particular boy a fair amount last year. She then disclosed it was because no one else would play with him. He had a tendency to hit or lash out in other ways. You told him early on he couldn't do hit and he listened to you. For a good part of the year you were the only classmate who would play with him. Now he plays fine and is welcomed by the other kids. You helped him figure it all out and welcomed other kids to play with him.

You use your powers for good.

I love you,


Ambassador said...

*trying not to cry*...

Beautiful letter. Not much more I can say. I have a little something over at my place that I posted for her too.

Hugs and Love and Birthday Wishes.


Goofball said...


Jami said...

With great power - and a great ability to love - comes great responsibility. Looks like she's up to handling that with ease!


Heather said...

She learned that from somewhere...I'm looking in your direction.

Mariposa said...

Wow! That's ummm so moving!