Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stealth Grooming

When the boys were little they hated to have their nails clipped. I would wrestle each of them after bath time and be unable to safely trim the growing claws on their fingers and toes.

But they were very heavy sleepers. I could trim all 40 nails as they slept.

So now I have a daughter with gorgeous curly hair. I do not have curly hair so was unprepared for how best to care for it. When I told my hairdresser, a woman with curly hair, that I was brushing her dry hair when full of knots she dropped her hands and practically yelled at me to stop and only comb out my daughter's hair when wet.

I don't like to bath my kids every day which means my daughter doesn't have her hair washed daily. This leads to some pretty nasty knots between baths. She won't let me put my fingers through her hair so I can't gently work on the knots when they start.

This week I remembered the stealth nail clipping. The other morning I sat on the edge of my daughter's bed and ran my fingers through her golden locks, admiring how beautiful she is as she sleeps.

And getting those knots out of her hair.


Goofball said...

Motherhood makes you pretty inventive :)

Lizzie B. said...

SO Funny!!! We have the same challenge with the Girls' hair... Bella had some pretty impressive dreadlocks, and Evie was all 'fro before we discovered the spray-in conditioner. It works really well with a super wide-tooth comb or even just fingers.

We can't WAIT to see y'all!!! I'll email more later.