Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tyranny has finally come to our shores

I don't watch that wiley news network. The one that is supposedly "Fair and Balanced".

However, I have been having a field day as Jon Stewart skewers them.

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In case you miss what Jon says...

"So, government is taking over our schools, our corporations, our health care. our personal liberties.


And while President Bush was the one who started it

  • Nationalizing an insurance company
  • adding a $17 trillion prescription drug entitlement program
  • had a government mandated public school initiative literally titled "No Child Left Behind"
  • wire tapped citizens without warrants
  • created secret internment camps in international waters beyond the reach of our justice system
  • and allowed his Vice President to live in a Netherworld between the Executive and Legislative branch where his house didn't exist on Google Earth

Only now has tyranny come to our shores."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you Jon.


Goofball said...

non objective news reporting gives me the creeps

Jenn in Holland said...

John is the KING! I am so glad you post these links to his hilarity since I don't get access to all of it all the time here (S'pose there is a real bonus to stateside living once again: getting the Daily Show DAILY)
He's great and yes, says it all so perfectly!