Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Horror thanks to Disney

Did anyone else see the article entitled "Walt Disney Expert Uses Science to Draw Boy Viewers" in the New York Times today?

Just to give you a taste:

"Fearful of coming off as too manipulative, youth-centric media companies rarely discuss this kind of field research. Disney is so proud of its new 'headquarters for boys,' however, that it has made an exception, offering a rare window onto the emotional hooks that are carefully embedded in children’s entertainment. The effort is as outsize as the potential payoff: boys 6 to 14 account for $50 billion in spending worldwide, according to market researchers."

Trust me, the entire article is a handbook on how to manipulate children into spending their parents' or grandparents' money.

In the email I sent to Amazing Guy with the article included I told him this was setting me over the edge to permanently shut off the television, DS and computer thus making the only entertainment options playing outside, practicing the piano and reading. Huck Finn.

But this evening we came home and one little man promptly threw up as we were getting out of the car. After helping me clean him up the other little man asked to go onto a math website to work on his measuring skills while I continued to comfort the sick one.

Not a Disney or other character to behold. And he was happy.

So I'll keep the electronic media around for a bit longer.