Monday, November 09, 2009

First Train Home

I have a new singer I've fallen in love with. A legitimately new singer, one who wasn't recording in the 1980's. In fact she was in grade school in the 1980's.

Imogen Heap has me transfixed.

She has one song that has my daughter transfixed. She is happy when the song starts in the car stereo and has even taken to narrating the beginning.

[As the music starts my daughter says from the back]

"She's running down the street for the train...."
"She's in the station....."

Got to get on it sings Imogen.

"She MADE it! She's on the train" my daughter yelps triumphantly.

Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial

Got any new songs or singers you can't hear enough of?

Please join in Music Monday. Just remember if you play to use little Mr. Linky below, write a post about music and link back to me. Music always makes Monday a bit more fun.


Leslie said...

I need to get better at listening to new music. I'm stuck in the 80's, for sure!

I like this song.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

LOVED this song! Oh, and I played today, too, at the bottom of my post. ;-)

My fave Arrested Development come to the rescue again!

Anonymous said...

So. Much. Fun.

Thanks for the music offerings every week, having you around is having a personal guide to the massive music labarynth. Fabulous!