Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pirouette with that kick

The last game for the season was played by a team of kindergarten girls this past weekend. Coached by three high school students (with some backup by a player's dad) they were a force to be reckoned with.

Well most of them. One particular 5-year-old, the one related to me, would often end a kick of the ball with a perfectly pointed toe which would have made her ballet teacher proud. She never seemed terribly focused on the ball, often twirling or looking out to the sidelines for a wave. During the last game she ran off the field for a hug. She ran off the field while the ball was in play.

When given the choice of playing in a soccer game to going to ballet class, there was never any doubt she would be in a leotard and tights instead of shin guards and cleats.

But the morning of her last game, my daughter announced she "loves soccer!!" and plans on playing it forever.

I think she was just psyched to get a movable arms trophy.

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Anonymous said...

Well, seriously, who wouldn't be psyched to get such a trophy?

My Em was much the same way back in the days of playing "swarm ball". She skipped and twirled and picked dandelions from the field. Sometimes, she even noticed there was a game going on.
I miss those days. Immensely.