Monday, November 16, 2009

Shake the Disease

It has been one of those weeks.

Monday afternoon I picked up my guys at aftercare to find one of them dragging, his eye lids half open. He fell asleep in the back of the van during the two mile drive home.

And it has been downhill from there.

He had all the symptoms of H1N1 - fever, cough, a bought of throwing up, and general misery. The only good thing was it lasted for a day.

Then his twin brother caught it. He has had a fever - going up to 103 at one point - until yesterday. And their younger sister caught it. She actually psyched us all out. She too had a fever for a night and was fine for 24 hours. Then - bam - another bout with a fever. Both of them were checked out by the pediatrician and neither had a secondary infection which was a relief.

But being cooped up with no where to go, and kids that don't act sick even with fevers, is really tiring.

Not that this song fits with the situation, the title sums it up.

A live version of Depeche Mode's Shake the Disease. Hopefully we will shake the disease.

Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial

You shaking any diseases? Any songs help you through ailments?

Please join in Music Monday. Just leave a note if you play, write a post about music and link back to me. Music always makes Monday a bit more fun.

And we have a player!!


Anonymous said...

You'll shake it! I promise. It does, eventually, leave the house.

My little man was the same, high fever without lethargy just doesn't seem right! He bounced his way through the flu and yes, wore me out.

Thinking of you as you bid the nastiness farewell!

(I played:

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Shake it! Shake it! Also, there's always a good reason for Depeche Mode by my reckoning.