Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One down for the count

Like everyone else with school age children, I have been worrying about flu shots. The boys got seasonal flu vaccines during their annual physical last month but not the H1N1. Little lady hasn't gotten either.

But it may not matter. Yesterday evening, one little man developed a wicked cough and fever. At 4:00 this morning he graciously added vomitting to his list of ailments.

Last night, he wrote out the following schedule for his sick day.

1. have breckfist
2. get mom's cofe (coffee) and my skoan (scone)
3. eat the skoan
4. charg DS
5. play DS
6. tack a nap

We'll see what #7 is.


Goofball said...

poor man....I hope your count stops at one!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, #7 is feel better fast!
So sorry that the yuck is at your house.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That was him napping. Glad to hear he's better!

Betsy said...

How cute! You'll have to save that one for him-- he'll probably get a kick out of it later!

Hope he feels better very soon!

Stay well!