Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twelve posts

As the year comes to a close, I'm thinking of what I wrote in this little space during these 12 months. I have written over 200 posts about things big and small.

For instance, while Music Monday started in October 2007 it continued through the year. Day to Read was launched in 2008 and will return on January 8, 2009 (so what are you reading?). Jen in Michigan hosted The Writing Game early in 2008.

And then there was travel, travel and more travel - to Las Vegas, The Netherlands, Tennessee, New Orleans, Washington DC, New York, along the North Carolina coast, and Chicago. I love to travel. There are times when the kids' shows will talk about the Pyramids of Egypt or Ancient Greece and I will moan about how I want to go to those more exotic locales. The kids will often report back to Amazing Guy and he will get this look in his eye making it clear that we aren't going anywhere that exotic in his lifetime.

But, borrowing from the beloved and talented Alex Elliot, I'm highlighting my favorite posts from each month. Actually she does this cool list of the first line of the first post of the month but I'm more literal. I just want to talk about what I loved. But February gets two - hey it is my list and February was one of those huge, active and packed months:

January - A Boy in the Hospital
February - The ugly truth and Lorraine Hotel, 2008
March - The Smell
April - We're just beaming here
May - Show and Tell
June - Did I tell you I got an email from a New Yorker magazine music writer?
July - Pink hearts and bad connections: the Yaz Concert
August - Sunday service
September - I love the beach
October - How a park should be
November - Writing the Bee Tree
December - La

Did I get the list right? Did I miss a piece you particularly liked?

And a very Happy New Year. May we all find ways to stay creative.


Jenn in Holland said...

Did you come to The Netherlands? Can you do that again?
You can bring Amazing Guy, you know... it's not all THAT exotic.

Mwah! Love you. Love the list!

Alex Elliot said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the compliment. I am so sorry I couldn't make your party. Let's try to get together soon.