Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Benefits of global warming

I have painful childhood memories of cold Halloweens. One particular year, I carefully planned a princess costume. Correctly, my mother insisted I wear a big, bulky winter coat that did not in any way go with my dress so I wouldn't catch pneumonia. To this day I still remember being bitterly disappointed.

I have yet to put my kids in thick winter coats on Halloween. Not because I am determine to not be my mother. I'm the first to put extra layers on them when the temperature goes into the 50's.

This year's costumes, consisting of a police man, a Red Power Ranger and a soccer fan, did not involve any coats since the temperatures this evening was in the 60's. In New England. On October 31st.

So while I fervently believe we need to address global warming, having another warm Hallows Eve has been a treat.

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maggie said...

I remember the same happening to me as a kid. I never coat my kids on Halloween yet either. I opt for the two layers of sweat pants underneath. New England here also and a beautiful night it was.