Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Miss American Beauty

Our boys are not in public kindergarten because there were not enough full-day slots. We are spending money to send them to a parochial school down the street.

I am Unitarian (read religious liberal who believes women make terrific ministers) so sending them to a faith-based school that is counter to my being was hard. But I thought the education would be sound and their classmates well-behaved.

I've tolerated lengthy explanations of a statue of Mary that's doing the tour of parish churches. I've received instruction on how to make the sign of the cross. The boys have decided our little grace we say before meals ("We love our family. Amen.") isn't a real prayer.

This is what the boys sang tonight during dinner, taught to them by a girl named Katie:

Mailman, mailman do your duty
Here comes Miss American Beauty
She can do the Pom-Pom
She can do the Twist
But most of all
She can kiss, kiss, kiss


scribbit said...

That's horrible! Just what you want your boys learning at kindergarten.

Jenn said...

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, a kid a grade above me asked me and my younger sisters (1st grade & kindergarten,) "Are you virgins?" He had a stupid grin on his face that made me think he was clearly asking something bad.

Of course, I had really didnt know what this was and we all promptly screamed "NO!!!!"

I think we turned out okay.

Amy Barry said...

Laughing (as a catholic school girl of grades 1-12) haven't you heard the stories about us bad influence catholic school girls? Hehe - still, not the kind of ditty you really want your kids learning huh? Doubt any of the kids have an inkling of what they are singing but doesn't make it any less appalling!