Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fluff festival

Yesterday we took the kids, in honor of our 11th wedding anniversary, to the Union Square "What the Fluff" festival. Fluff - that white, marshmallow spread often paired with peanut butter to make a fluffernutter sandwich - was invented in Somerville.

I would like to note the kid in the photo isn't one of mine. Blessedly the last thing they would want to do is jump into a kiddie pool full of melted marshmallows, particularly with a crowd watching. While waiting in line to buy a fluffernutter sandwich on Wonderbread the mother of said kid asked for trash bags to cover her all her Fluff-covered kids so she could "get them home in the car".

Should've thought of that before you gave them permission to jump in.


Meg said...

Only in sommerville!

Meg said...

Hi Alison-
I found you thru blogher and have been poking around your site. I also caught the comment you left over at blogher about juggling the work/family thing. I am working on developing a community blog/podcast for moms who do just that. Actually it's moms juggling everything we juggle- not just work as some of us stay home. In any case we are looking for new voices! If you want to hear more drop me a line at hatchew at hotmail dot com.

Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

ah the working-mom issue... love my career, love being middle class, love my little one... what's an educated woman to do? ;) Hold on to sanity with by the fingernails. :-D