Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mr. Potato Head comes to town

Last week while driving home, I saw a large representation of Mr. Potato Head on a rotary next to the Welcome to town sign. He had a construction barrel body with PVC pipe arms and various other parts made with foam core.

This morning he was next to the local coffee shop, about a quarter of a mile from where I had seen him before. "No one knows who made him or how he got here" said the coffee shop owner. "And it is heavy" he said with a laugh.

I like to think of Mr. Potato Head as a cross between surprise installation art and a wandering/kidnapped garden nome.


maggie said...

Probably just wanted a good cup of joe.

Kate said...

That's hysterical. Kind of a low-brow version of the MIT students putting a tow truck on top of a sky scraper or something like that.