Thursday, October 26, 2006

Damn Halloween Costume

One of my guys desperately wants to be a Red Power Ranger for Halloween this year.

Mind you he has only seen the show a handful of times, and certainly not with me (that leaves babysitters, friends' houses and unsuspecting grandparents). He talks about his friends who have Power Ranger toys and other related merchandise but I've held out. However there is something about Halloween, the fantasy of it, that let's me bend my no violent characters rule. Plus I never got to dress up like Wonder Woman as a little kid.

We finally got the box in the mail after waiting for a week. As I was zipping him into the padded red suit I said to him that it was funny the zipper didn't have one of those metal thingies to keep the zipper from slipping off the bottom.

Funny indeed.

Next evening he stood facing me in horror as he handed me the bright red zipper to his costume. Visions of returning the costume only to have the replacement come after Halloween filled me with dread. I had to fix it.

Do you know how hard it is thread the two zipper sides through the zipper? Really really hard. Especially with two boys and a toddler wanting to watch, hang on my arms and offer to help.

After half an hour, I finally got it on both sides, only to find one side had fabric in the zipper. No problem, just cut the fabric and slip the zipper through the cut.

I cut the zipper track too.

I finally did it. And he hasn't put it back on. Good move.


Kate said...

Oh my goodness! What a disaster. We actually lucked out with Halloween this year - my 5 year old wanted to be Superman, but I thought I'd never find a costume that fit him right and we'd be cruising Kmarts and Targets for hours looking for it. But actually, within the first 5 minutes of entering the Kmart, I find a Superman costume that was his size! I couldn't believe our luck because I had little room for error since we just started looking last weekend.

Your story reminds me of my bout last year with his Halloween costume when he wanted to be Thomas the Train, and I was making an actual train out of a box while I was 7 months pregnant. Not fun.

soccer mom in denial said...

Oh my! You hand-made a train costume pregnant! You have me beat.