Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cyndi on Monomane Taikai

In case your Japanese is a bit rusty, Monomane Taikai is a Japanese show. The title translates to literally mean "Mimicry Competition". A friend who recently finished graduate school took the time to explain the following video to me:

"Every year, on January 1st (hence they are all wearing kimonos), a bunch of celebrities, actors, actresses, and comedians get together to compete. Basically they pick whoever they want to mimic (usually singers because after all it's a singing competition) and practice for hours and hours before the show. The competition is divided into 2 groups - red and white (in accordance with our flag) and each person gets a score for his/her performance and whoever gets the highest (of the 2 group) gets to go to the next round, until, the final one is chosen. I used to watch it all the time because it was hilarious and some compete seriously while others just do it for fun, and make it funny. Sometimes they bring in the real person who sings along with the person competing.... Pretty crazy, huh?"
Thanks friend. My kids love this clip. If you look hard there are some fabulous drag queens. And that person in the silver outfit with the black circles on her/his head is just too delicious.

Although this smart, fashionable woman from Japan is now worried that my kids think all Japanese are like those folks on the show.

Don't worry friend. They just think their mother is.


cathouse teri said...

I think that is totally "Japanese Idol!"

Jenn in Holland said...

I want this channel! I am with your kids... I love this clip.
I wish they would all come to my place and perform. I really want to try on some of those outfits...

Jenn said...

After living in Japan for a while, I have decided that the Japanese make up for their ability of such amazing control and manners by having some seriously bizarre and whacky forms of entertainment. As well as some great ones.

Like tv shows about a chimp who walks a small dog.

cce said...

I'm not sure I understand this clip but it certainly was entertaining. Feeling very, very American after watching that one.
Oh the depths that Cindi (Cindy?)Lauper has fallen to.

Ambassador said...

Depths? We should all be so lucky as to have her career and be adored world-wide!! And she sounds great...if you think this is over the top, check out the recent Euro-Vision finals...yes the same one that launched ABBA back in the day. Pure camp and dreadful music all together in one bizarre event. I don't know if Americans have anything that comes close to this - but we sure try at Mardi Gras! Great Fun Post - Love It!! Ken