Monday, May 07, 2007

Real life muppet

This is just too good.

Allison --
A real life muppet

I found this at

I always did fancy Miss Piggy.

** Note: my apologies to whomever had the name definition on her blog. I loved it - more so after I found my definition brought me even closer to a beloved childhood character - and now can't remember who had it.


Baseball update

Some of you may recall that one of the boys' teammates had a very close encounter with a bat, to his head. While he wasn't at practice tonight, I got from a very reliable source over the weekend that he is o.k. He has three staples in his head but no concussion or other head/brain injury. And apparently he thinks it is totally cool that he has staples in his head.

Ahhh... to have a 6-year-old's perspective.


Jenn in Holland said...

Oh. My. God. You are never going to believe what I just found out about my name. Ready now? Steady? And go:

Jennifer --

A dance involving little to no clothing

Holy cow! I am laughing so hard I can hardly catch a breath. How did they know this about me?
Must add my thanks to the anonymous source of this hilarity!

Also, thanks for the update on the bat-to-the-head boy. I am relieved, and of course thrilled for his super cool status as a staple wearing dude!

Gunfighter said...

Let's hear it for Jennifer!

When I was a kid, I got some sort of splinter in my eye that was easily removed by a doctor without much fuss, but the coolest thing about it was that I got to wear an eye patch for about a week.

Pirates rule!

Ambassador said...


I entered my first name only - a lewd street performer. Actually rather to the point, if you ask me.

I entered first and last - fuzzy to the touch. Well, not everywhere, but close.

A really good laugh when I needed one. Love, Ambassador!

soccer mom in denial said...

Why Ambassador I hadn't even THOUGHT of inserting my last name in there. And what do I get?

"Sexually stunning"

Who knew my last name could turn me from a Muppet to that? Now that is a transformation!

Flower Child said...

Staples? Awesome! What would have been even better is a head cast. That would have been so cool for Show & Tell

Jenn said...

a real life muppet - now *that's* a good one! and I have to go reto mine: I certainly didn't get a dance involving little to no clothing!

Jenn in Holland said...

This is a comment section worthy of a revisit!
What joy this little post has brought us SMID! I shall be giggling for hours you sexually stunning muppet!

Worker Mommy said...

I love this and am linking to this in my post today!