Thursday, May 24, 2007


One day during my senior year of high school I came home and picked up the mail lying on the entry way floor. There was an envelop addressed to me without a return address. I tore it open and only read the first line.

It contained nothing but expletives about what the writer was going to do to me. I dropped the letter and have never seen it again.

Eventually my mom came home and did what a good, loving mother does. She became the raging mama lion defending her young. She went to the police and demanded they open a case. They tried to dismiss it as "something boys do" and she went ballistic. She demanded a meeting with the principal and got the school to compare the handwriting on the letter with students' writing folders. We also finally realized we had been getting crank calls at home and had the phone company monitor our phone line (this was before caller id).

It all pointed to a pretty lonely kid. Someone who was in a few classes with me but I had never interacted with. This kid was actually in bad shape. My mom then demanded a meeting with the kid and parents and somehow extracted a promise of mental health counseling. As the months wore on this kid looked better.

I tell you this because for the first time as a blogger I got a truly hateful comment in response to my piece about the kids' silhouette portraits.

Anonymous said...
you sound like the biggest loser I have every heard!!!!!!I pity your poor poor kids when they actually get out in the REAL world.....OMG you make me sad for you!!!

And while a dear friend of 15 years came to my defense (oh how I love you), I'm not upset by it. I am sad but not what Anonymous thinks. I'm sad that you had to spend the energy to be mean. Are you o.k.?


Jodi said...

of all your posts, I am not sure why that one prompted such a nasty comment. Does the person not like scissors? profiles? Art? I guess I am missing something.

And good for you to not be mad, and to hold your head above it all. I guess I need to go back and read your comments more often. I totally missed that.

Jenn in Holland said...

I saw that comment yesterday too, and felt just like Ambassador (and your Mama) but didn't know how to launch into the fray without giving ANON the power and attention he/she is obviously craving.
Your response to the comment just points to what an incredible person you are (and you call ME nice?) and what a generous heart you have.
And if I take a breath and step back from the grumpies reading it gave me, I think you must be right. Anonymous, are you okay?

Jenn in Holland said...

I just went back to look again, and I have to say that you SMID are a lucky woman to have not one, but two beautiful men step in to speak to your honor!
Go Ambassador! Go Gunfighter!
All the world should know friends as good as you.

Flower Child said...

All that over a silhouette? Clearly someone with nothing else to do. I was actually very intrigued by the pictures - I wanted to see how she would do the twins differently - and in fact they were slightly different!

cathouse teri said...

Wow. You are a very sweet purrrrrrrson.

I hate anony mouses. As you may gather, I wrote about them at my blog last night. Jenn of the Netherlands told me you mentioned one such mouse, so I came to see what you had said.

You are so much nicer than I am. :)

chelle said...

Wow your Mom handled that AWESOME! If only more people cared now a days!

Trolls ... they are so mean!

Anonymous said...

Your Mom sounds awesome....She's my hero!!!

Anonymous said...

My comment wasn't in reference to your kids''s your blog in general. You sit around and pass judgements on everybody else. I pity that your kids will one day be shocked what the real world is mommy to coddle them, no boobies to suck on...While you sit around being the 'perfect' mommy, breastfeeding, slinging your babies, and co-sleeping I'm sure, the rest of us have to work at it.I hope your life turns out well. and maybe I do need help, because I'm sick of self-righteous people like yourself and your other little blogger loser friends.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

This is the first time I've ever been to this blog, but I have to go with Teri on this're a bucket-head.

Just sayin'.

Brillig said...

SMID, this is a great response. Well done. And your Mom sounds amazing! I hope I'll go to bat for my kids like that.

Real Life Drama Queen said...

SMID.. well done and well said

Anon.. you are the only loser I see here. For you hide. I do believe you need help for striking out at someone randomly that you do not know is terrible. Circumstances give us all different lives and what we do with it is our choice. And before you think I have it easy and am sitting on my butt for giggles and free. Think again. I think you should take SMID's advice. Seek helpl

SMID.. sorry for attacking the offender on here. I just couldn't take a higher road on this one.

soccer mom in denial said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments and a sincere welcome back to anonymous.

You've made some assumptions about me. I don't coddle my kids (you haven't read the post were I nearly called my kid a wimp to his face because he wouldn't learn to ride a bike), I didn't sling (kinda hard with twins) and I love being alone in my bed too much to co-sleep. You also missed when I told a 5-year-old to "play hurt" when he came to me crying during a basketbll game. And he wasn't my kid.

I also don't think you are mean/a troll/ a coward. You aren't any of those since you came back to explain your comment. You are welcomed back.

Mr. SoccerMominDenial said...


You need help. See a therapist.
Not all blogs have to be about "working at it." I am proud of my wife and, frankly, think she and my family are pretty darn perfect. And one more thing, this blog is not mandatory reading. God knows that if it was by invitation you wouldn't be on the list. Cheers!

Jenn in Holland said...

again, my hat is off to you for your superior heart and attitude.
And MR SMID- How lovely to hear from you. We've heard ABOUT you after all. It's good to know your voice AND your feelings.
Cheers to you both.
Have a lovely weekend.

Jenn said...


I'd just like to say what we are all thinking:


And stop being a wussy and use your real name. Coward. It's pathetic you don't have anything better to do than leave mean comments.

Don't like it, go to one of the millions of other blogs on the internet and be an ass elsewhere. Troll.

Jenn said...

Sorry, I am not above calling Anon a troll. I guess I'm just not as gracious.