Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm not a stalker

Please be assured that I have no plans of stalking anyone. Really.

It isn't like I've been following the British synth-popster Vince Clark since the mid-1980's and own nearly every single record and/or CD he has been involved in.

Who, you ask? Who?

Vince Clark:

  • was a founding member of Depeche Mode in the late 1970's and wrote nearly all the songs on their first album Speak and Spell (including my favorite Boys Say Go).

  • left the band and created Yaz (Yazoo in England) with Alison Moyet - Don't Go, Situation, and Midnight are just yummy.

  • there was a little adventure called The Assembly that produced a single.

  • Then, the wonderful and glorious Andy Bell joined Vince to form Erasure and for the last 20 years have created such tunes as Blue Savannah, Oh L'Amour, Sometimes and Always.

    I've seen them open for Duran Duran in the 1980's. That's right, I went to a huge venue to dance and scream during the opening act. The lights were on, the teeny-boppers talked through the performance and were very confused with the lead singer in a rubber top that resembled a baseball catcher's vest.

    Then there was the night they performed an over-21 performance while I was still a senior in high school (therefore NOT 21). I cried at home. At one point my dad offered to take me and tell the bar owners he wouldn't let me drink. I explained it was a bar, not an R rated movie. But to this day I'm still grateful that he understood how deep this adoration goes.

    So deep in fact that when they toured for Chorus AND DIDN'T GO TO NEW ORLEANS (hello - do they know there are gay people there? And hags who LOVE them?) friends at the time who were living in Houston went to the concert and got a poster signed for me. Why didn't I go? I was a public school teacher and it was during the week. Houston and during the week. Just adding insult to injury.

    Even my kids - who will insist on the same song over and over and OVER again regardless of the crazed look on my face - realized they had to relinquish the car CD player last Tuesday evening so I could play the newest CD, Light at the End of the World. When there were a few whimpers I would say with reverence "But I'm hearing these songs for the first time!"

    And now the song they call "# 2" (I could fall in love with you) is the new favorite for the kids. Just keeping them culturally informed.

    Last week there was an article about Vince Clark in my local paper to correspond with the release of this CD. And guess what? He lives 2 hours and 59 minutes from my house. It's not like I inserted my town and his town into Google Maps and figured out he lives THREE HOURS AWAY FROM ME!!

    Breath. I promise I will not jump in the car and descend upon his quaint little home. Really.



    Jodi said...

    oh my goodness, I love Yaz and Erasure so much.

    I, in my one turn as a fag hag, ue to go a gay bar in DC all the time b/c they played Yaz and Erasure.

    Did a pom routine to situation when I was in high school. I can still do that in my head.

    soccer mom in denial said...

    I always wished that my prom theme was "Only You" by Yaz. Sadly one year it was "Look Wonderful Tonight" by Clapton - like every other prom that year.

    And the fact you love BOTH Yaz and Erasure means I love you even MORE!!

    Flower Child said...

    Get the keys woman! We're headed on a road trip! Oh l'amour, broke my heart now I'm aching for you....only you...

    Jenn in Holland said...

    I feel like dancing. I need the music. And the stuff playing in my head just won't do.
    You--off to Vince's house. Me--off to Itunes to buy a new album.

    Hilarity abounds in this post SMID! Well done mum!

    Gunfighter said...

    Oh dear.

    Ambassador said...

    A-- you so inspire me with your non-creepy, borderline stalkerama post...I just had to write about a mini-you (or mini-Baby Girl) I saw this weekend.

    And your love for Vince is, erm...it's stood the test of time. I just never got into any pop icons this way. You are so much gayer than me! (some days...)

    Worker Mommy said...

    Now, I can't get the song Who needs love like that out of my head. Thanks!

    Seriously, fun , fun music !
    I've never seen Erasure .
    But I have seen Depeche Mode (and Duran Duran for that matter). I saw them at an outdoor venue in the DC Area in the middle of summer when I was 14. I thought life didn't get any better than that.

    Alex Elliot said...

    I have Yaz on my iPod and I went to see an Erasure concert in high school. Note to self: put some Erasure songs on my iPod.

    Gunfighter said...

    Stalker or no, SMID, you know I still love you.

    Amy Barry said...

    A girl after my own heart! Reminder to me - must get up to date. Last Erasure CD bought was Cowboy :O. Did see them in concert in San Fran following that album release though!!! Soooo many memories of high school and college tied to earier albums.