Thursday, May 10, 2007


A completely vain post but I have a thing for watches. I've lost count but these are some of my favorites.

This is one of my first off-beat watches. I bought it my senior year of high school with babysitting money. The man with an eye patch and a hat is a Peter Max illustration.

Then there is this foursome.

The red face to the right of the green one has a likeness of Mao. His waving hand ticks off the seconds. A friend got it for me in Hong Kong, while it was still British.

The blue faced watch is Barbie-esque and celebrates road trips with a Route 66 theme. I got it at Century 21 with Flower Girl, years before 9/11.

And this is my all-time favorite, but I can't really wear it around the kids. They get freaked out that I'm wearing a watch with a moving hatchet, a fat king in the middle and six women on the outside. Then they hear me mutter, "Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived" as the hatchet ticks off the seconds.

Watches are suppose to tell time. That's it.

Oh but how boring.


Jodi said...

my watch died recently and I can't find one I like. Any advice?

soccer mom in denial said...

You have to come visit me. I think you deserve your own trip to the Hub of the Universe. The green watch and the awesome red flower watch were bought at a local store owned by 7 friends (really). I also just bought one of my daughter's teachers a terrific watch from another store.

All within a mile of my house. Think of it as The Watch Tour.

Jenn in Holland said...

What's not to love about those watches? I don't really wear one at all anymore, and prefer just not knowing the time. And during my teaching school years I wore a big ol' thing on my arm that was complete with stop watch for when I transitioned from pre-school teacher to PE teacher in the afternoons.
But I would wear one again just for decorative purposes if I had one like that!
Though, as per your kids, I think NOT the hatchet one! :)

PS. Did you say LENGTHY?

soccer mom in denial said...

Yes, but MY length was "multi-media" - words AND pictures!!

Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, no, no, no, no. You misunderstood! I was making fun of myself for the tendency I have to make a post of my own in others' comments sections!

You, my darling, are perfect.

Flower Child said...

I still have my Route 66 watch too! I believe the face says "we had a hip trip". The favorite watch I have (though no longer functioning) is Nelson Mandela - and his hand waves for the seconds hand. I've had it fixed before and need to try again. Paid maybe $20 when I got it but it is PRICELESS!

I have many others - a swatch with a safari theme, ones that belonged to my great aunt and uncle, a gold watch my dad gave me for my birthday (as if I were retiring), a watch with a photo of me with my cat and dog (bought online by a friend). it's the best accessory!

Ambassador said...

My favorite was the Mickey Mouse watch (grown up edition) given to me by my friend Scott from Australia - it lasted for years until some guy in a bar had a spontaneous Drag Attack and flung his arms up to Whitney's "I wanna dance with somebody" - and bashed my wrist into a post, shattering the crystal and the face beyond repair. I was less upset about the massive bruise than the untimely demise of Mickey! Your Ambassador

Kate said...

Hmmm, anything else you obssess over? And I love Peter Max. That was a cool one.

soccer mom in denial said...

JiH - you haven't seen the comment I left on GF's last night. I should be banned.

fc - You, oh you, are a big reason I have such fun watches. That day in Century 21 was just the beginning.

Ambassador - I forgot that watch. What an unfortunate way to go. I thought it disappeared with the ring from SA.

kate - HI!!! With big hug to go with it. You've been missed. I'm thinking I might go back in the closet in a few weeks with another installment of Things I Own Too Many of.

Brillig said...

oh... wow. And now I feel... um... REALLY BORING!

Alex Elliot said...

Wow! That's quite a collection!

Gunfighter said...

I guess I won't show you a picture of the rather mundane Timex that I wear!

I like your collection!

Happy Mother's Day!


Jenn said...

All my watches seem to break. Maybe I just buy overly cheap ones. Also I use my cellphone for time.

I do remember you having some pretty cool ones. And those holders are really nice.