Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yet. Another. Rainy. Day


  • One boy in a red Power Ranger costume, with cape, and snow boots (because his rain boots are wet, ohhhh).
  • One boy in a police costume, with cap, and snow boots (see #1).
  • One girl in raincoat and rain boots (because she's normal).
  • Toy microphone.
  • Hot pink straw cowgirl hat.
  • Hobby horse.
  • Flashlight.
  • Two toy swords from a knight costume.
  • One pair of toy handcuffs.

    Run through the rain and jump into the van. Drive to friend's house to borrow key to church parish hall. Go to church, open door and have kids run screaming into the empty dark building.

    Find lights and let them run amok in Great Hall, dance on the stage, sing "Who Let the Dogs Out" 58 million times, throw the swords across the hall, slide on their knees, march, ride the horse, fight over the microphone, make grand entrances from the hallway, have stylized sword fights.

    After 38 minutes they want to leave.

    It's only 9:50 in the morning.

    We go to the coffee shop. I ask the kids who work there, "Is it too early to tell them its bedtime?"

    They didn't get the joke. But then, maybe I wasn't really joking.

    Flower Child said...

    You need a plasticized art room. with wet suits. something that is hosed down when you shut the door - like those public toilets in France. that would keep them entertained on a rainy day.

    soccer mom in denial said...

    Oh Flower Child - my kids would get bored in 1 hour. Something about them.

    But that sounds like an amazing idea. You should patten it and try to sell it to rich Hollywood type parents.

    Kate said...

    Yeah, what's up with the rain in the NE? The Red Sox game was delayed today. But yay! They won!

    chelle said...

    hehe going to the church sounds like so much fun! ahh short attention spans ... not so much fun!

    Brillig said...

    Hahahahaha. I know exactly what you're talking about. My kids are the same way. Some days I realize that I'm spending the whole day just wasting time until I can put them to bed. Rainy days are just like that. Hahaha. Good luck!

    Jodi said...

    yes, but you have the cutest rain boots!

    Jenn said...


    Luckily you had somewhere good for them to run around.