Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fun in the Snow

The things I do for posterity.

During the great storm of this weekend (seriously - it snowed non-stop from Friday afternoon until late Sunday night) Amazing Guy and I took the kids sledding on Saturday morning. We went to a park with a tall hill and lots of open space to ride out the run.

Little lady lasted a total of 4 minutes. Maybe a bit longer but the deep snow (up to her knees) and wicked cold (it was 15F or -9C not including the wind chill) was too much for the delicate flower who clearly prefers warm weather (she's been talking a lot about our summer vacation spot).

The boys didn't want to leave after 40 minutes. They claimed they didn't want to go to the birthday party that was starting shortly. They wanted to stay all day.

I took photos (surprised?) to record the first big snowfall and sledding excursion of winter. The boys had been managing the steer clear of me and other people. As I took the photo to the right I didn't think it would be any different.

Until my son started barreling right towards me and my feet were stuck in the snow. I managed to lift one leg up, he ducked and he went right between my legs. Another parent stood watching the whole thing and commented that it looked like we had practiced.

I shook off the feeling that I had narrowly missed having a broken bone to use the video feature on my new camera.

Fun in the snow.


Patois said...

I'm with your delicate flower. Snow and sledding and all that sounds so delightful in the abstract. I'm always whinging about the cold within minutes.

chelle said...

aww what a wonderful day!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Kate said...

As much as I adore summer, I'm a little bummed that we haven't had a big snowfall here yet. Because I figure, if it's going to be winter, might as well snow. That looks like fun!

Goofball said...

Looks like fun, but I doubt i'd last long in the cold either.

It's -2 up to 0C here right now + wind. gosh, I so enjoy staying inside :p

Jenn in Holland said...

I can't believe all that snow! Wow!
What a blast. I have very fond, though cold, memories of sledding days in my childhood!