Tuesday, July 31, 2007


They start in the middle of May.

People stare. Sometimes with open mouths.

Other times they nudge the person they are with, and either point or motion their chin in my direction. The other person joins in the stare.

Occasionally someone will smile. Mostly it is a look of disconnect. As if they can't understand what I am doing.

Only once in a blue moon will someone actually say it.

"Nice hat."

I border on obsessive about wearing hats from late spring through early fall. I live in fear of sunburns and since I insist my children wear hats, I do the same.

So I asked the brood to help model some of my favorites (note the use of the word some).

A hat that I can roll up (a mere $15 on sale at a chi-chi store).

The reverse of above hat so really two hats for $7.50 each!

Another $15 find at the same store. It feels like it was made from burlap bags.

I just love the huge brim on this one. And for some reason it gets ALOT of stares.

When I wear this one, a colleague comments "Oh, you've got your church hat on."

Much to my patient husband's chagrin I have lost count of the number of hats I own. There are a fair number of caps in this mix as well including one with the Cat in the Hat and another from an awesome bar in St. Louis.

So I walk proud in this northern city with my big, ol' sun hats. When I walk through Chinatown I'll see a few women walking under paper parasols. We give each other knowing smiles.

We won't have nearly as many wrinkles.


CableGirl said...

personally I think I looks tupid in hats so I never wear them. However I try never to go outside in the sun since, well, I hate the heat and the sun (nice choice to live in Miami, right? Not my idea, I assure you). When I do go out I ALWAYS bring an umbrella. I get a lot of funny looks form people for having an umbrella when it isn't raining, but whatever. As you say, we'll have fewer wrinkles.

Oh yeah, did I mention my daily sunblock slathering ritual? lol

Flower Child said...

I'll keep my eyes open for hats! These are great!

chelle said...

Awww your a hat lady?!?! I have always envied those who can wear hats. I have this massive curly hair that refuses to be tamed by a mere hat. Love those hats!

Brillig said...

*Brillig to her kids: "guys, stop staring at the crazy hat lady. Yes, I know. It's hard not to. No, don't point! DON'T POINT! Just IGNORE the crazy hat lady!"

Jenn in Holland said...

When I first started reading this I thought you were going to be talking about the lot of you redheads... I have a redheaded sister and she always got the looks, the stares, the attention...
But then, it turned out you were talking about HATS! I love hats! I don't wear them near enough, but I do so adore them. I have my eye on your wide brimmed black one and your "church hat" as my faves.
LOVE the photos with your kids as head models too!

Jami said...

I always wear a hat and sunscreen when I spend any time outside. That's usually either working in the yard or skating. For the yard, I have a nice straw hat I got in Mexico and for skating I have two caps with big bills: one is completely covered in small multicolored sequins and one is printed in a pink and gray graphic that looks like a brain. For some reason, folks stare at both of those, too.

Jen said...

You are so smart. Two melanomas in my immediate family. Let 'em stare! And I loved the hats!

Jenn said...

I've never met a hat that likes my head - that doesn't mean I don't wear them, just when I'm not really caring who sees me. But, the Magpie always wears her sunhat. And suncreen. Oh, the sunscreen!

Gunfighter said...

I am sure you look smashin in your hats, SMID!

Jenn said...

you love those hats!

Fourier Analyst said...

And yet another thing we have in common. This is getting a bit spooky. I, too, have "hattitude", and quite a collection. However, as the sun is not quite as strong here as it was "back home", my accessories are felt and wool, rain-resistant and warm. And all of them fit very snug (see Jenn-in-Hollands comments about the wind here!). I have them color coordinated to my coats and with various size brims, depending on the amount of rainfall/wind. And of course I have a couple of Stetsons that come out only on special occasions. So my wardrobe is on display usually from September-April. With just a few exceptions for the royal-blue, deep purple and hot-pink straw numbers that I tote along on vacation to the Mediterranean where the sun does shine ever so brightly!

Loved the pics and loved finding out something else we share!!