Thursday, May 15, 2008

MIB: Missing in Blogging

Hi, I'm SMID. I really miss blogging.

I miss reading your blogs. I literally have 3-4 posts of my own per day brewing in my head. But the days, and now evenings, are getting fuller and fuller and I don't have the energy or time to put it all down. Or read your wonderful writing. Or admire your photography.

What in the world am I doing?

I'm getting to do some terrific things at work right now. In about a week I can tell you all about it.

Did you know that manatees are the most endangered marine mammal in the United States? {His hand is blocking the boat that sits at the top of the diorama with the bottom jutting out to show how manatees are struck by boats.}

Or that some bats can eat half their body weight in bugs in one night?

Did you know I help make awesome dioramas?

And my little men are playing baseball.

Lots of baseball.

Tons of baseball. [Team photo by Jenn in Holland. Of course.]

And little lady is making friends with the other sisters in the playground next to the baseball field.

But we get home at 7:50 pm, not having eaten dinner, finished homework, bathed, or talked about the day. By 9:30 pm they have crashed and I want to follow suit.

I have a friend who only sleeps four hours a day. She has four to five hours additional hours - after work, chores, everything - to do so many things.

Maybe I can train my body to go on four hours of sleep.

But I'm going to bed first.


chelle said...

eeeps 4 hours! One needs more than that!

Glad you are keeping so busy! What would there be to blog about if we did not have lives?

CableGirl said...

Saving the manatees is one of my pet projects down here in Miami. My friends and I used to go out canoeing in the canals behind people's houses and play a bit of the Monkey Wrench Gang. (if you don't get that, look up Edward Abbey)

As for the 4 hours of sleep... unless you're dealing with a newborn, I don't recommend it. I mean, I know that's a few years in your past, but htink back. I'm sure the memories of sleep deprivation can't be too deeply burried. Not good. Sleep is definitely preferable to blogging. :)

Can't wait to hear your big news.

Jenn said...

oh *I hear you!!* and we're not even in organised sports yet....

if only I could get away with four hours a night.... I'm getting six and it's no where near enough!

enjoy your summer - and get some sleep :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sleep is actually an important need for health. I used to "get away with" 4 - 5 hours a night and I've suffered for it now.

Enjoy your full lives!

Goofball said...

have a good nights sleep. I would need more sleep than 4 hours! I usually blog between 22h30 and alarm goes off at 7 AM which isn't too bad. I should sleep 8 hours a night. I would complain less about being tired :p.

Jami said...

When I worked at Cape Canaveral, we would go down to the river at lunchtime and watch the manatees. They are so shy and gentle and not a one of them didn't have horrible scars from run-ins with boats.

I hear ya on the time thing. One of the few things I liked about being unemployed was the ability to catch up on sleep. Now I'm barely getting by on 6 or 7 hours a night, and I! Just whose idea was it to bring those time-sucking kids into our world? Oh, yeah - that's right - ours. OK ... they can stay.

Alex Elliot said...

I can't say I would recommend the four hours of sleep either! Every once in a while that happens to me and I'm a zombie the rest of the day. Nice dioramas!

Heather said...

Egad. I would never choose to sleep only 4 hours. My patience would be waaaay too thin.

Those are some rockin' dioramas.

painted maypole said...

my high school calculus teacher (yes, I took calculus in high school. yes, I majored in theatred in college. yes, that class was a collosal waste of my time and energy) insisted that you only needed 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and the man was a genius. I'll stick to my 6-7, thank you. i would love 8, but i just can't go to bed that early and school doesn't allow me to sleep in.

Wholly Burble said...

Great dioramas! Haven't seen one in eons.

With my men working third shift, my business needing day-time meetings and such, and my four dogs needing to go out all hours of the day and night, my sleep is NEVER so many hours "in a row"--it's rather a hodge-podge of two hours "in a row" off and on throughout twenty-four hours. I would NOT recommmend this lifestyle to anyone. I have days of truly being punchy.

I like weekends best because my men are home and take some of the dog running for me--so I often get six hours IN A ROW of sleep--and I feel like life is worth living again.

Jenn in Holland said...

Sleep is your friend. Get sleep.
Love the displays and LOVE those KIDS!!!

insane mama said...

Love the baseball pics, my son used to play, he is now doing lacross and I hasd to but a "cup " this year! yuck!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I feel your pain, friend, I am SOOO behind on my blog reading!!!