Friday, September 21, 2007

But wait!!

I've got a new blog buddy (a bloggy or blogdy?) who is leaving terrific comments. I also just love her signature image. It reminds me of Elastagirl from The Incredibles. I can honestly say I was sad when the kids opted to not watch it anymore. I didn't mind watching that one over and over again.

So to my surprise I was checking out her site, found out she was starting a new award then discovered she had awarded one to me!

And the company she put me in? Wow.

Now to pass it along -

Jen - from A2eatwrite is an amazing writer. Seriously, she leaves me breathless sometimes.

Fourier Analyst - she wanted to be an astronaut and now writes under the title meaning "a mathematical tool which can do a number of things." She leaves me feeling like my brain is very, very small.

Go forth and share ladies or ignore. Just know that I think you are out of this world.


Jen said...

Awe... thanks so much, SMID!!! It made my morning! ;-) Sleep also did wonders. Thanks for the comments and the present. HUGE hugs!

Fourier Analyst said...

Eeek! I just now am catching up and found you gave me an award!! Love the button. Now, if my brain will only rev up enough to let me figure out how to put it on my blog...
(We're still in 2nd gear around here, but starting to get moving again.)

Thanks so much sweetie. It is always nice to get pressies and praise. I will try to deserve it!