Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Montmorency Falls, Quebec

The Montmorency Falls are a short drive outside of Quebec City, across from Isle D'Orleans (the Island of Orleans). While not as well known to Americans as Niagara Falls on the Canadian/US border and certainly not as large at the humongous Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, I am impressed by the sound of the rushing waters, the mists rising from the churn below and the shear height of the Fall. We always end up there on our second day in Quebec and do the same things.

We ride a cable car to the top (again avoiding many steep stairs. Notice a pattern?) and work our way to the suspension bridge that goes over the falls. First we notice the twisted trees that seem to grow out of rocks and boulders.

We cross the bridge, nervously (remember the falls are loud, there is mist and, well, there is a steep drop).

This year Amazing Guy noticed some folks professed their love of Canada. In logs.

And we found yet another playground. This was the only time during all of our Canadian playground excursions that we had a kid be mean to one of ours. A little guy, about our daughter's age (but much smaller), decided to follow her around and shove her at any chance. And while she didn't seem too bothered by it, her brothers were mad. They asked that we leave the playground. It did seem that the other mother was having a hard time with her demon child.

And just so there was no doubt about who they were in relations to their sister, this was how they left the playground for the return trip over the bridge.

Tomorrow: Final installment - Amazing Guy joins the street performers (and reconsiders his chosen profession).


Jodi said...


chelle said...

Woman you are making me homesick! And i have never been to Quebec!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

That is amazing. Makes me jealous not to be there.

Brillig said...

Oh, it looks like an amazing place. What a wonderful tradition!!!! I'm sure your kids love it.

And he joined the street performers? hahahahaha. oh my!

painted maypole said...

that picture of your kids?!? and of course, the story that goes with it? Fantastic!

In regards to your nice matters award. You can get the button by right clicking on it, and copying the http address, and putting it into your sidebar as you would any other picture/button. I have seen absolutely no instructions about how many people to pass it on to or whatever, so if you feel like passing it on to someone, just let them know. If not, just claim that award for yourself. :)

Jen said...

Your boys are such sweeties! And it looks like Montmorency Falls are much more beautiful than the tourist industry that has become Niagara...

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

LOVE the last pic.

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

I am deeply jealous of those pics on so many levels. The weather, the waterfalls, the trees.
I live in Florida. We have sweltering heat (still), man-made canals, and scrub trees.
However, the tables will be turned in a matter of months when you are up to your eyeballs in snow, and I'll still be in a t-shirt and jeans.