Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scribbit's Write-Away

I'm trying again. No need to vote. I just need to acknowledge Scribbit's monthly Write-Away contest. September's theme is - yup - learning.

So if you want, feel free to visit one of my more glorious moments of parenting when "helping" my son learn how to ride a bike.


Fourier Analyst said...

Oh no, does this mean I shouldn't compete against you?

Wait a minute. You're kinda like a sister I never had. And I'm already jealous of about lots of stuff, so I think I'm gonna treat you like a sister.

Good Luck Sis! But Ima gonna beacha!

Seriously, I'll celebrate for and with you if you'll do the same for me!!

soccer mom in denial said...

Sigh. I am ALWAYS beaten with these Scribbit things. That's why I rarely enter them. Seriously, I pushed Ms. Jenn in Holland to enter a few months ago and I just LOVED the piece I had entered.

Guess who wins? JENN!!

So go ahead - pulling a Charlie Brown here - I'm always beaten. But in case she won't mail the bag to Europe you could always designate me the recipient of your prize.