Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First 10 Days of School

There are usually "First 100 Days of" analyses for a new president or Congress. I thought it only appropriate to share a literal list of what happened in the first 10 days of first grade.

Day One (a Wednesday) - recounted here.

Day Two - one guy goes to the nurse complaining of a stomach ache.

Day Three - one guy goes to school while the other ends up at the pediatrician. He has strep throat.

Day Four (a Monday) - Amazing Guy has to drop of penicillin at the nurse's office. The guys are picked up by their awesome soccer coach for a play date at her house followed by the first soccer team practice. Little lady and I meet them at the field. And 1st grader who missed school insisted on finishing all the worksheets from Friday, even declining watching television in order to complete them.

Day Five - both guys do well at school, although one says "I wish I was in second grade." Think he is bored? I attend my first PTO meeting that night. The room had over 80 parents, the superintendent was there and the meeting was well run. I even got to ask if there will be French and Spanish classes offered after school (for a fee) like at other elementary schools in the town (yes, I know. How precious of me).

Day Six - both guys bitterly complain how they have no homework. "When will we get homework?!" one moans. As I am getting dinner ready my dad calls to tell me my mom is in the Emergency Department after exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. I get a friend from church to stay with the kids so I can go to the hospital. The kids become monsters to this poor 14-year-old.

Day Seven - guy recovering from strep is back at the nurse's office with a stomach ache and everyone agrees it is from dealing with his grandmother being in the hospital. Other guy complains to me that a kid in his class keeps taking the kickball away from him. My mom, their grandmother, is still in the hospital.

Day Eight - little sister is taken to the pediatrician and is also diagnosed with strep throat. While waiting in line for school to start, guy with kickball-stealer for a classmate points out the offender - HE WEIGHS AS MUCH AS ME! While I'm only being slightly facetious, the kid is obese. My mom, known as Lovey to the kids, is out of the hospital and doing fine with no lasting issues (yippee!).

Day Nine (Monday) - Lone kid who wasn't sick starts the morning with his own dose of Amoxicillin after being diagnosed with a strep infection at the weekend clinic the day before. The promised homework is not in anyone's bag. "The teachers wait until October to give homework. When's October?" I also hear that kickball-stealer is losing recess time so teacher is on the ball (pardon the pun). Once again, awesome friend/soccer coach takes boys home with her for fun then we meet up at practice. When we get home the boys play rugby in the backyard until dark. At bedtime they are asleep in less than 5 minutes.

Day Ten (Tuesday) - The boys change clothes after school and run out to play rugby in the backyard. Everyone has a pleasant evening.

Could we have a routine? Is life humming along? I cannot stress enough that my mom does not seem to have any lasting problems or concerns. We are all grateful for the care she got and that she is o.k.

I have no plans of doing this type of list again. Well, maybe for the last 10 days of school at the end of June. Which will hopefully not involve hospitals, one prescription for penicillin, two for amoxicillin, or bullies.


Jodi said...

Oh, I want to come over and give you a bottle of wine.

Heather.PNR said...

Heh, that's the kind of week that makes me want to stick with just one kid. May the next 10 days be routine and uneventful!

So glad your mom is ok.

Jen said...

I echo Jodi. Man, what a start to the school year. I'm so relieved your mom is okay. You have the patience of a saint.

Alex Elliot said...

I think I need to send you a bottle of wine! I'm glad that your mom is fine. How are you doing?

Flower Child said...

Oh lordy, what a week! Glad to hear your mom is okay. That sounds scary. And now the kids are doped up on antibiotics - none of which I've done well with (don't forget to eat yogurt!). Here's hoping October (with homework) goes more smoothly.

Nap Warden said...

That is a hefty list...I hope things calm down for you!

Fourier Analyst said...

What a list! I know mine would be similar, complete with homework meltdown: take one assignment that is due 4 days later, don't look at it until the night before it is due, realise that everyone else is outside having fun after you have been working for 30 min, after first lecture from parents continue working and moaning for another hour, then you have the setting for a complete meltdown at bedtime when you still need a good hour to finish all your work! And that was just one evening...(sigh).

Oprah didn't start calling this Mommy gig the "hardest job in the world" until I had already been doing it for a while. I might have reconsidered otherwise...!

Brillig said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like I'm drowning in new schedules and sick babies (hey, I have bright pink amoxicillin in my fridge too!), but my ten days have been NOTHING like yours. Sheesh, woman!!!! I hope you get a break for the next ten days!

painted maypole said...

hope everyone heals and all is well soon. And so glad to hear about your mother. Those first few hours are so key after a stroke, and it sounds like your mother got the care she needs.


Jami said...

Damn! You need to take a break, woman - only about 12 or 13 years to go until you can. Any germs that enter your fridge must have a serious death wish. That's a whole lotta antibiotics! And I'm seriously glad that your Mom is OK.

Gunfighter said...

THe boys have started playing rugby already?