Thursday, September 13, 2007

My husband joined the street performers in Quebec

No he didn't run away. Well he almost did.

Away from the approaching performers determined to have him stand up and hold a flaming stick in the middle of a Quebec square. But he knew the kids would love it. And that I would love taking pictures.

He was brought up with several other men to hold up flaming torches.

So we thought he was done with his part of the performance as they moved on to juggling knives.

But apparently they were not done with him. The gentleman escorted Amazing Guy back up to the center for a solo visit (no other audience members) and requested he display his muscles.

He obliged.

Only to be used as a hat rack.

To a woman on stilts.

I'm glad Amazing Guy wasn't part of the last act. Since it involved a narrow flaming circle of knives balanced on the woman.

And the gentleman jumped right through.

The first week home the kids were playing with silverware. Good thing they don't know where the matches are kept.


Jen said...

This travelogue is the coolest thing, ever! I SO want to go there! And I'm sorry I was such a clutz on the linky love... I was itching and brainless...

Jodi said...

Yeah Mr. Soccer Mom. Way to be a good sport!

Alex Elliot said...

Seriously, your husband really is a good sport! Hide those steak knives!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I love good sports!!!

chelle said...

hehe Quebec looks like so much fun.

painted maypole said...

ha ha. I used to teach the kids at camp (when I was a counselor) how to do a stage throw with a knife... to make it look like they had thrown the knife into someone's eye. Your post made me think of that. They thought it was a pretty cool trick. I wonder how many parents cursed my name.

Goofball said...

that is so cool! I am sure your kids absolutely loved it. And I am sure Amazing Guy was very glad to get out of the attention again :p