Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Odds and ends

We're still coming up for air after getting in late last night and preparing for....

drum roll.....

FIRST GRADE (times two)!

So in the next day or two I will regale with tales of Quebec and bore you all with the obligatory slide show in the basement.

However, before you go I have some odds and ends to tend to.


Go visit Jenn's and my photo site, Looking Into, for a stunning image by none other than Aimee of Greeble Monkey. She is our first professional on the site and I really have this feeling of "one of the cool kids is hanging with us!" Thanks Aimee for sharing such a wonderful photograph. I also think her site, Greeble Monkey, is funny, talented and heartbreaking. Oh, and did you know she likes Crowded House? Alot?


Looking Into got its first recognition from a very talented photographer, Jams O'Donnell at The Poor Mouth. To be recognized for this little experiment of ours is pretty cool. To get it from someone like Jams who sees photography as an art and not simply a series of snapshots, well that is even cooler. Dare I say it? It is wicked cool.


Lastly, I promised that if anyone ordered from my list of suggested New Orleans businesses I would sing their praises. Who else but Flower Child in Washington DC would click the Dirty Coast link and viola!
"Check out my cool t-shirt from Dirty Coast! I LOVE IT!
FYI - I often order women's small but for this I ordered medium and it fits beautifully. And it's sooooo soft. Heavenly."

[And doesn't Flower Child have the cutest chin? I think so!]

Now just because you aren't hearing about New Orleans in the news anymore (you know, why should the press pay attention to it when the anniversary is gone?) doesn't mean you can't spend some money there. So let me know what you buy, even if it is Tony Chachere's at your local grocery store.


Flower Child said...

thanks for posting my excellent tshirt.

I am sooo excited to hear all about first grade! Are their teachers nice? Are they those old school marms or really sweet? New shoes for everyone?

CableGirl said...

I love Quebec. Can't wait to hear about your trip and see your amazing photos. I'm assuming you will showcase a bunch on Looking Into.

also curious to hear about the first day of first grade. Does this mean you'll have *gasp* *sputter* time to yourself? lol

painted maypole said...

mmmmm... beignets.

Hey, I buy all sorts of New Orleans stuff. But, well, I live here. :)

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Yes, I want insights on Quebec. Bryan and I have always wanted to visit there.


BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

Trenting said...

T-shirt is super cool

1st graders rock, I have one of my very own!

Jami said...

Yay for 1st grade! Mine started at the end of August, though. And while there was only one of her, she seems like about 3 or 4 a lot of the time.

And I bought Tony's last week.

Jen said...

Wow, I got behind... I shifted all my links over to firefox and somehow ended up not putting yours in, but don't feel badly because I didn't put in my WRITERS GROUP, either... (cough, cough) and I left out a bunch of others. I am NOT organized, sometimes.

Congrats on the creativity award - you guys SO completely deserve it and Looking Into is just fabulous.

I need to check out the New Orleans links again - needless to say, it's been kind of crazy around here!