Monday, September 17, 2007


There isn't enough nice in the world. Really.

In fact people scoff at it. Even use it as a term to sneer at someone. "Eewww. That's so [pause to sneer] nice."

I've noticed two versions of a Nice-ness button going around. One is this very frilly Victorian pink thing. One is this smut image of a woman's back side. The first one is too, well, frilly Victorian. The other one doesn't make sense to me. Now maybe some people might think a scantily clad woman's a** is a "nice" image but I don't think they say "awwww that's nice" like you are talking to a puppy.

They are saying "look at THAT! Now that's nice!"

And to finish this obvious digression, that isn't a "nice" I want on my blog.

Painted Maypole apparently received both versions of this kind button going around the blog world and decided to make her own version by commissioning an original piece of art for the background. And then she turned around and handed it out to two folks - one of them to me!

And why does she think I am nice?

"Also, to Allison over at Soccer Mom in Denial who calls her husband Amazing Guy. Doesn't that just say it all?"

Now, before you get all "isn't that nice" or sweet, or cute, or whatever sneering thing you are thinking just remember:

  • how someone you didn't know made your day by smiling at you - that was being nice

  • how you gave up your seat on the subway for an older rider (or a pregnant one) - that was being nice

  • how someone told you your children were well-behaved - that was being nice

  • how the teen down the street helped you with something (clearing your driveway, carrying in the groceries) - that was being nice

Have you told your partner, spouse or best friend how much they mean to you, today? By "renaming" Mr. SMID to Amazing Guy I think I have conveyed that he isn't just an extension of my blog. He is an incredibly talented, funny, loving, smart, rugby-obsessed man. (I'm not too fond of that last part as some of you know but hey, I said he was Amazing, not Perfect).

So go on, be nice to someone today.

And the following folks are off the hook because they are already nice:

Jenn in Holland - goes without saying. She celebrates the cute things other people's kids say even though she has three of her own. She is the reason the photo site, Looking Into, even exists and isn't some idea floating in my head. I told her I wanted a photo site and she had it created in less than a day.

Jami - the brains behind not THAT different. When I saw I had this button to bestow, I immediately thought of Jami. She would probably laugh very hard but she is nice. She combines politics with the personal, humor with the sad and makes my world better. Especially when I get emails from her. That makes my day.

So post that little button ladies or ignore it. Share the niceness or ignore. Just know I think you are, yes, nice. And it comes with a big bear hug from a 5 foot 9 inch gal.

Want to hear about these hugs I give? Go check out Goofball's World account of meeting me. And then read her tales of traveling through my little part of the world. Bon Voyage Lady and Lord Goof. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.


Jodi said...

yeah, you are nice!

painted maypole said...

a well deserved award (and I'm glad you like my new button!) Thanks for passing it on. And I love what you say about your husband. I knew I was awarding it to the right person!

Brillig said...

Awwww, isn't that nice.


I couldn't agree more with your nominees. Perfect!

And I'm jealous of both you and goofball that you got to meet each other. How frickin' brackin' cool is that?

soccer mom in denial said...

Thanks Jodi!

PM - thanks for not wanting it back.

Lady Brillig - did you sneer that nice? Or was it a puppy dog nice?

And you should be jealous - Goofball and her man are lovely, lovely folks.

Alex Elliot said...

How nice!

Jenn in Holland said...

I too am a jealous Jenn over the fact that you got to meet Goofball. To think I live just up the country from her, and you all the way across the wide ocean.
It's nice that you got to do it though. It will be my turn sometime...

Thanks so much for the award. You are indeed nice, and I mean that in the very sincere, ultra from the heart kind of way.
Someday I will throw my squatty little arms around that tall frame of yours and give you a GIGANTIC hug right back.

Fourier Analyst said...

We have such similar tastes!! Great choices for the award.

And may I also be jealous that Googball got to meet you (and you her)!

It's a pain being overseas in this bloggo-world!

Gunfighter said...

I used to think you were nice, until you hinted that being rugby-obsessed was somehow... wrong.

Now I think you are mean!

Nap Warden said...

Hey, I just found your blog...It's great! Now I am off to check out your picks...

Jen said...

Yes, you are definitely nice... and something we say around our house all the time is "nothing matters but kindness." And it's true, you know? And congrats on the recognition!